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any types of advertisement such as placing URL during text chat are prohibited

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Follow these simple tips, and you’ll always make a great first impression when starting cam chat sessions.
Best Camera Angle

The lenses of the cameras of smartphones, tablets or computers have such an extreme wide angle that your face looks much wider. Our tip: For a favorable camera angle you should always place the lens slightly above you.

Good Lighting

Ensure you have several light sources and that they are all indirect to avoid dark shadows or a shiny-face effect. If you are not going to be showing your face, make sure that the part you want to be seen looks good under the light sources you have. If you are chatting in the daytime, natural light works well. Face a window and have your camera pointing into the space where you are video chatting.

Sit Up Straight

Present yourself in a way that subtly accentuates your best features. Good posture is a simple yet great way to show off your best look in cam chat sessions. Keep in mind you want to be making a good impression at all times, but also don’t overdo it -- subtlety is much better than being over the top. A good posture is not necessarily a stiff one.

Minimize Distractions

On your end, make sure you turn off all unnecessary gadgets, applications or any other possible distraction. You can also minimize the distractions for the other person. For example, having a clean background can help the person focus on you. Also, fidgeting or moving around too much will definitely distract the person you’re talking too. So, if you want the focus to be on you and on what you have to say, try keeping yourself centered in the image without moving a lot.

Test Your Webcam

It’s always worth doing a quick test to check both sound and video quality. A laggy connection, grainy video or muffled audio will lower initial impact, so make sure your setup is working and your internet connection is good.If you don’t have an option and a wireless connection is all you have, don’t worry, you can still do it. Just try not to use other things online while on your call, such as downloads, uploads, Netflix, etc.

Be Yourself

Whether it’s makeup, the way you talk, or the gestures you make, try not to go over the top. A cam chat with a natural feel comes across as more genuine. Of course you want to have some fun, but don’t turn your chat session into a clown’s performance. This advice is for casual cam chatting and making a good impression. Performers, on the other hand, might wish to be more exaggerated.